About NNNN

                                     NNNN Modifications  is artistic deconstruction in the form of a clothing brand by John Fanning in fabulous Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands. 

               T-shirts are the main focus. All shirts are unique, the base shirts come exclusively via second(+) hand means. All have been either previously worn or owned by one or more people somewhere in this world. 
Some are unworn and new, some have been worn and washed numerous times. Possibly a shirt bought on holiday or acquired as a freebie somewhere and worn once or twice or a beloved shirt washed over & over that was sold off for whatever reason …. and so on. 

««  «« «« «  «« «  Each shirt has its own secret history we will never fully know.  »»  »  »» »» »


                   NNNN  digs these up and up-cycles the shit out of them into new, hopefully cherished little works of “art” masquerading as simple t-shirts. Lots and lots of crisis-inducing work, blood, tears, sweat and love go into each shirt!   

                   NNNN rules: 

🚫 NO seasons/“collections” 
Each shirt just gets birthed and spit out. Themes continue, some start/end/return. Nothing is ever “this season” or “last season”.  
 🖕🏿Fuck that shit.🖕🏿

🚫 NO (sizing) genders

If it fits you, wear it no matter how you identify. All shirts [generally] stick to a standardized fitting style, i.e. no specific “girly” shirts or “muscle” shirts or whatever*. Of course, though, design-wise often things ARE slanted towards gay male imagery so there’s that kind of paradox, I guess… I can’t be everything to everybody!

*note: It may happen that a fitted t-shirt (generally for females) that gets donated to me may be used.


                     Also: Problem with a shirt? I’ll try my fucking best to fix it!
To me it seems stupid to just “sell” these little children of mine and forget about them.
I bust my ass to get these things looking tight!
If a shirt you buys ends up having an issue, let me know. I’ll see what I can do. ❤️