Sizing, washing, ironing

                   T-shirt sizes are ALL over the place…🤌🏾
👎🏿There’s sadly no comprehensive international size guidelines.

Since each shirt that NNNN can come from anywhere, it’s a geographic issue (i.e., most Asian sizes will be smaller than European or North/South American sizes) but there can also be size differences from different brands in one territory, etc. etc.

Well, what does that mean!!!???
Each shirt is measured with 4 basic measurements. NNNN uses the metric system ONLY, sorry America! In addition to the size stated, the measurements give a more exact idea. It’s a major extra step I take to ensure total satisfaction so you better appreciate it!

                   So, it’s pretty simple! 📏 To get an idea of what size you need:

Take a T-shirt that fits you well, lay it flat and get something to measure with (For Americans: something with centimeters/millimeters on it or just convert inches to cm/mm) do these 4 measurements and compare them to the measurements on the size measurement pics with each shirt for sale!:

🔪                    CARE (WASH / IRON ETC.)
So, you may be asking….. “How do I like, wash this shit and whatever else!?” 

You can wash these shirts the same way you do your normal t-shirts, keep the washing machine under 40°C/104°F, using a dryer is totally fine, do it at a low setting.. many of the original shirts were possibly dried multiple times anyway..

 Washing will wrinkle up stuff a bit, especially the regular applique patches……. SO!!!

          One way to keep shit looking tight is USE AN IRON! Especially for the patches.

-Only iron on reverse*!!! This is because of any silkscreening that would be on the front. If you iron that stuff, it’ll actually get warmed up and smear and there’s NOTHING you can do to fix it (trust me).

*OK.. listen.. so you CAN iron the front but you need to have another piece of fabric between the shirt and the iron.. like an old pillowcase works really well.. BUT.. be careful doing so!! A little too much heat and the wrong rub can cause a bit of that dreaded silkscreen smear!

  If you SO don’t want to iron, no problem!! The shirt will usually work out wrinkled bits on its own when you wear it. You look more authentic if your clothes are a bit wrinkled, anyway.