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100% Cotton.
Size XL. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Splatter scribbles bleach/dye on front. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front.

Patch: Satanic Kittenscross

Known origins: Morocco, Spain (Mallorca), France, Brazil

This one is kind of a Frankenstein-esque test subject, featuring a first version of the <Stab-Out> reverse appliqué design (only 2 shirts were done with this), some bits of the "tr_v_l" silkscreen design and since it is tricky to read at first, the text on the upside down cross says "kittens", because why not? Added in manual-stitch-wise is a big yellow explosion burst at the bottom, made up of joined-together scrap bits. Original shirt is confusing as there is no beach specifically named "Mallorca Beach", though of course the Spanish island of Mallorca has numerous beaches with their own names. More great mysteries of life...