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The actual first shirt where I spliced I a bit of custom silkscreening I had printed of chopped up airline logos that I've been calling the "tr_v_l" screen. Base shirt is from Hong Kong, one of the endless "I (place/thing)" shirts that are everywhere. Plus a special 2x patch, both in Thai. They say "holiday" and "pole dancer", which totally makes sense. A few variations exist on this theme and will keep showing up here & there.

100% Cotton.
Size M.
Reverse and regular appliqué on front.

Patches: Thai; (1).วันหยุด (Wạn h̄yud) = holiday (2).นักเต้นรูดเสา (Nạk tên rūd s̄eā) = pole dancer

Known origins: Hong Kong, France, The Netherlands