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This actually started as the very first NNNN shirt (NNNN01), but some of the first shirts had patches I felt were entirely too large, I re-did the design for the "Pills!" patch idea and I also have a weird thing about never actually having a "first" of something, or that the first one shouldn't actually exist, just to mess with people.

The true original shirt is for a terrible band I won't mention, I love undoing shirts from crap bands, they deserve it for being so stupid, right? Reverse embroidery "strips" come from a Catholic primary school here in the Netherlands, which is kind of funny in one of the few countries with more people who don't claim a religion than people who do. Last bit might also be a band but was a black t-shirt with a big "MR." on it I found thrifting in New Hampshire USA. I originally did some bleaching experiments on it and the bleach actually "ate" a big piece of it away.