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100% Cotton. Size M. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Splatter attack bleach/dye throughout. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front.
Patch: Bite It You Scum (version 2)
Known origins: Honduras, The Netherlands, Haiti, Brunei Darussalam, Germany

This one is features a re-designed version of an originally 2x patch design featuring words of wisdom (the glorious song "Bite It You Scum") by one of the most infamous people from my old home (US) state of New Hampshire, Mr. GG Allin.. long since passed away. It's a sentiment I can really get behind. The chicken is stolen from a Mexican fried chicken restaurant chain. This of course makes total sense. Also featured is the "tr_v_l" silkscreen series of edited airline logos. The original shirt was one that was basically finished but I then decided to totally chop up & re-do, which actually is a favourite thing of mine to do. It's a  smashing up of the idea of when something is actually "finished" or not.