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This one has got some irony going on, in addition to outright tackiness factor, as I just recently quit a very long term weed smoking habit I had and oddly thought this would be fitting to start back on things with. The "Contempt" penguin shows up, not necessarily hating on weed (it's just a lovely little plant), but maybe the penguin has a contempt for a number of things. Maybe addiction? Perhaps the image of this hideous "rasta" cliché dude looking real dodgy. Is it supposed to actually be funny? Really we should hate on the idea of it all. Buy this lovely modification and "let's get together and feel..." contempt!

100% Cotton. Size M. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front.
Patches: Contempt, Fire [patch version]
Known origins: The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Honduras, Bangladesh