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This started out completely different.. different base shirt, totally different inserts.. almost everything has changed here since I started it! After a lot of fighting, angry/crying outburts, obsessive re-doing & trying to make it work I finally got a finished thing!

I've been into a "stabby" motif lately.. maybe because in general I've been rather frustrated and yes, occasionally wish to go on a stabbing spree but luckily that doesn't happen! I looked up the hilariously named "BabyXL DSL" and found nothing so it's long dead and I know nothing about it. On the original shirt was a kind of heat-pressed image that had a slight accident with an iron so half of it got slightly.. er.. "worn". It adds to the "vintage" look even more when it gets fucked up.. it's one of my main "things" here... 
I also attempted modifying one of the sleeves with 2 inserts but honestly it was more of a pain than I was expecting so not sure I'll do that again.. 

*a note about size: shirt said "L" on it but it's basically a medium but with "L" sized arms weirdly. So I consider this an "M/L". 

100% Cotton. Size M/L. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front/sides.
Patches: Stab Die-cut (pun intended)
Known origins: Italy, The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Nicaragua