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Getting stabby again! Featuring a couple dripping inserts and a base shirt with a bit of a story! It was blank on front with print on the back, which first was blue, then after a wash the blue bits flaked off and kept doing so, so I had to get rid of the blue by hand with a lint roller, though what remains is a clear backing of the text (which btw says "We zén Hageneize" which is "We are (from/born & bred in) the Hague" but in the local dialect of 'het Haags' which sometimes does get written out (its fun!).
Anyway, if you but it you get to be stabby, drippy and give tribute to the locals here in my home city... what more could you want? 🔪💧🟩🟨💝
"Hagt voâh wènag maah nauit sjagerénag!"

100% Cotton. Size M. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front/sides.
Patches: Stab Die-cut (pun intended)
Known origins: Netherlands, USA, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Haiti, Morocco, Bangladesh