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This one is a big 2XL shirt which gives a lot of space to do things with. This is a rare time when I used a color other than black for the machine embroidered circles. The base shirt comes from a basketball team based very close to my old US home, though I actually found the shirt here in the Netherlands. The inserted shirt is Dutch all the way and is about animal testing, specifically on chimpanzees. The Dutch text on the shirt says in English: "We are the last country in Europe that tests on Chimpanzees"* and then a phrase that basically translates as "We look (bad/like a joke/like a monkey (or) we embarrass ourselves)", which sounds more clever in Dutch given the subject & already existing phrase ("voor aap staan" if you're curious, which of course you are) 😉

*BTW tried to look this up and find out if it's still true but couldn't find anything myself... I wonder...

100% Cotton. Size 2XL. Reverse and regular appliqué on front. Sewn-in shirt detailing on front/sides.
Patches: Champagne Tears
Known origins: USA, Netherlands, Nicaragua